Top 5 brilliant answers to simple interview questions that will blow your interviewer's mind

Number 1

Interviewer: You and your friend started a race. You started running at a speed of 50 KMPH whereas your friend started running at the speed of 30 KMPH. Who will win the race?

Me: Sir, it depends on the situation, any one of use can win.

Interviewer: Can you please elaborate?

Me: First of all, you never mentioned how long the race was and you only mentioned the initial speeds of me and my friend. Hence, 3 situations can arise,

A. If we both are able to maintain our initial speeds throughout the race, I will win.

B. If I slow down considerably during the race and he either maintains his speed or speeds up instead, he will win.

C. If we both slow down by almost the same pace, still, I will win.

And there is one special scenario in which neither of us/both of us would win!

Interviewer: What!? Which one is that!

Me: When we both are running on a treadmill!

Number 2

Interviewer: Take this 500 rupees note.

Me: (takes the note)

Interviewer: Now tell me, can you establish a rs. 1 crore turnover business from this note?

Me: Sir, I can do even better than that.

Interviewer: How so?

Me: Sir, I am a very good writer. I will open a blog at wix. It's basic plan costs just rs. 348. I will spend the money given by you there and will start writing. Since my content will be very good, it will get popular in a small amount of time. As I will get popular, I will do the follow things to start increasing my turnover,

1. Connect to Google Adsense.

2. Start affiliate marketing.

3. Promote sponsors products.

And then I will start my own YouTube channel and will do the exact same thing, this time with the help of videos though.

Then will be called to address the seminars(for which I will charge of course), further augmenting my turnover.

1 crore is just the start, sir! Sky is the limit and it all started with this Rs. 500.

Not to mention that I will upgrade to business plan on my blog during this period thereby further augmenting my online presence and popularity.

Number 3

Interviewer: You are taking your grandmother on a two wheeler for a routine checkup to a hospital. On your way, you see your crush at a bus stop. Your best friend is also there. The catch is, this is your last chance to confess your feeling to your crush or else she is gone from your life, forever. But you cannot also miss the doctors appointment either. How will you manage this situation?

Me: Sir, I will stop at the bus stop, ask my best friend to take my grandmother to the hospital(as it is a two wheeler) and stay at the bus stop with my crush. Since my grandmother requires only a routine check up, it is not morally wrong also on my part.

Number 4

An interviewer was asking the same question from each of the candidates.

Interviewer: Right or wrong?

1st candidate: Sir??

Interviewer: Never mind, let's move ahead.

Interviewer: Right or wrong?

2nd candidate: I am unable to understand the question?! Come again!

Interviewer: It's okay. Forget about it. Let's move ahead.

Interviewer: Right or wrong?

3rd candidate: Context, please!

Interviewer: Nothing, let's move ahead.

The candidate who gave the correct answer was,

Interviewer: Right or wrong?

Candidate: Sir, may I have a paper, please.

Interviewer: Sure!

Candidate: (Writes "Or wrong" on a piece of paper and hands it to the interviewer).

Interviewer: What's this?

Candidate: Sir you only said, WRITE "Or Wrong"! Hence I did that.

Interviewer: I am impressed!

See, interviews are sometimes about your ability to convert a meaningless looking thing into a meaningful one and that comes only when you look at it in a different way than others.

Number 5

Interviewer: Tell me your email?

Me: rohan....... @gmail .com

Interviewer: And password?

Me: Indu Bindu dono ek saath bhaag gayi. Sir, this is my password.

Interviewer: How foolish are you! You just told your password to a complete stranger!

Me: No sir. I request you to please put it as a password and see if it works.

Interviewer: (puts in the password. Doesn't work) It's not working. Have you told me the wrong password?

Me: No sir, I haven't! Let me tell you what can be the possible combinations here.

All letters capital.

All letters small.

Alternatively capital and small letters.

Some letters capital and other small and vice versa.

And many more.

Even if you may somehow try all these combinations, still you will not be able to figure out my password!

Interviewer: Why?

Me: Now I will tell you my password just because I want to prove my worth and intelligence to you. My password is:

Indu . 2917 ÷ gayi

Here the . (Dot) translates to Bindu in hindi!

2917 when read together in hindi translated to do nau(dono) ek saat(saath).

And ÷ in hindi translates to bhaag(division)!

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